December 19, 2019

Tattooed Refugees by Rossinante and Olivier Marescaux
Rossinante and Olivier Marescaux aim to document those who are considered by society to be ‘outcasts’, and found themselves at a refugee camp. They documented the stories and tattoos of the people living there.

December 12, 2019

Stace Forand (@waterstreetphantom)
Heavily influenced by Japanese style, Stace Forand has developed a style that comes from a desire to strive for authenticity from deep within himself. Being self-taught, Forand discusses the importance of the close community around him, and the expanded horizons of other cultures and places.

November 21, 2019

Jeroen Franken (@jeroenfranken)
Since first learning in the depths of the jungle in Borneo, Jeroen Franken has since owned several private studios and currently owns and works at Seven Seas Atelier with his wife Kim Anh.

November 11, 2019

Bay Area Tattoo Convention 2019
As a proud sponsor, TTTISM is pleased to present a series of photos from the 2019 Bay Area Tattoo Convention.

November 1, 2019

Alba Rey (@inthenameofrey)
Seeking a different form of learning, Alba Rey travelled the world, developing her own style alongside experimentation with photography and painting with Indian ink.

October 7, 2019

Bay Area Tattoo Convention Retrospective
In anticipation of the 15th annual Bay Area Tattoo Convention, set to take place in late October of 2019, TTTISM highlights some of its articles on the convention to date.

August 8, 2019

Arnaud Ele X Another Beautiful Day
Photographer Arnaud Ele presents his series of photos about a couple, and in particular Cat¬¬¬–a man who made his body the territory of positive thoughts.

July 16, 2019

Archive: Women of Myanmar (@desthex_artworks) in TTTism Issue 3
This feature is excerpted from TTTism Issue 3.

June 17, 2019

Denis (@dsmt)
Denis is a Ukrainian tattooist based in Kiev. He works in a strong graphical style, utilizing imagery adopted from cyberpunk and other dystopian aesthetics. In this interview, Denis tells us how he went from law school to a career in tattooing and more.

October 18, 2018

Namiko (@namiko_moth22)
We interview Namiko (@namiko_moth22) of Hong Kong’s Alchemink. Namiko’s often monochromatic work challenges the boundaries between painting, illustration, and tattooing, blending styles and techniques to create abstract forms that are nonetheless highly structured.

July 19, 2018

Clay Gibson at KLASSIK31
A short video of Clay Gibson taken as he tattooed at the studio of LUXIANO31 in Mexico City.

January 26, 2018

H.B. Nielsen (@hbnielsentattoo)
We profile H.B. Nielsen, a Swedish tattooist whose monochromatic imagery and precise use of stippling creates work that’s worth watching out for.

January 1, 2018

The Russian Tattoo Tour
The Russian Tattoo Tour is both a travelogue and a documentary created by tattooist Herman IX on his journey through that territory. This feature is accompanied with an interview detailing the context behind the creation of the video, as well as Herman’s thoughts on the world of Russian tattooing.

December 26, 2017

Photos of the Bay Area Tattoo Convention 1/3
A series of photos documenting the 2017 Bay Area Tattoo Convention, taken by Jake Ricker. This series is presented as part of TTTism’s special issue on the Bay Area Convention.

December 26, 2017

Taki Kitamura @ Bay Area Tattoo Convention 2017
Co-organizer of the Bay Area Tattoo Convention, Taki Kitamura, discusses the history of the convention, some of its many notable moments, and its place in the world of tattooing more broadly as part of our Special Issue.

December 26, 2017

Matt Arriola @ Bay Area Tattoo Convention 2017
Matt Arriola speaks with us as part of the Bay Area Tattoo Convention Special Issue. Arriola talks about his wide-ranging influences, his vision of the future of tattooing, and his time at Bay Area.

December 17, 2017

Grant McKenzie
London-based tattoo collector Grant McKenzie shares some interesting stories about his eclectic array of work, emphasizing the place of tattooing in travel, community, and the logistical struggles inherent in arriving at the studio in one piece.

December 10, 2017

Nomi Chi @ Bay Area Tattoo Convention 2017
We interview tattooist Nomi Chi about their artistic background, their current tattoo practice in Vancouver, and their time at the 2017 Bay Area Tattoo Convention.

November 28, 2017

Photographer and tattooist Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev interviews Leafar Seyer of San Diego-based band, Prayers. Coupled with this interview are striking photos of the band taken in New York by Gezlev.

November 21, 2017

We speak with Paris-based tattooer Cokney about his DIY origins, his art practice, and his brushes with the French legal system.

October 12, 2017

Palaung and Shan: The Black Warriors of Burma
Travelin’ Mick ventured to Burma to meet the last warriors protected by traditional bodysuits