Nadine Anderson (@Devlin_616)

Nadine Anderson (@Devlin_616)


February 13, 2020

Words by Nadine Anderson and Ed Crooks, Edited by Emma Clayton

Nadine Anderson is a tattoo collector, gradually blacking out her body as well as investing is some extreme body modification. She’s sees her tattoo collection as an organic and natural progression, not extreme–as it might be perceived by a large portion of society. Ed Crooks spoke to Nadine to find out more about the process.

How are you and where abouts in the world are you right now?
I’m good thanks! I’m in bonnie Dundee as we call it in Scotland!

When was your first contact with tattooing?
I was 18 when I first got tattooed. It was a small, blackwork tree of life on my left forearm!

Who tattoos you, who have you been tattooed by?
I now only get tattooed by Cammy Stewart as part of the brutal blackout project, but I’ve been tattooed by Cam Lamley and Jaggy Leigh in the past.

Do you have other tattoos under your black work?
I’ve got tattoos under my left arm blackwork and my face–everything else is original!

When did you decide to start blacking yourself out?
I decided at 21. I got my neck blacked out and fell in love straight away. Two years later, and here I am.

At what point did you decide you wanted to heavily tattoo your face?
For me I always knew I wanted them on my face–it was just the natural progression of my bodysuit. I don’t see it as extreme.

You have a few interesting body mods too who did those and what do you have?
I’ve got my tongue split, scarification on my face and head, and the tops of my ears cut off.

What’s next for you tattoo wise?
Next I’m gonna hit my feet–that’ll be fun ‘n’ games!

You can find more of Nadine Anderson’s work on Instagram (@Devlin_616).