TTTV Episode 1

TTTV Episode 1


December 23, 2019

Words by Louie Jenkins, Edited by Emma Clayton

TTTV is a brand new online TV show presented by TTTISM. With the first episode live on IGTV and YouTube, TTTISM spoke to presenter of the show Louie Jenkins, to find out some more about how the project came about and what his highlights are from Episode 1.

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us what TTTV is all about?
My name is Louie Jenkins, I work for TTTISM creating content and curating social media. TTTV is a news type show that aims to give more context to some of the current events and interesting artists in the tattoo world. The aim was to create something with the feel of a daily news show that wouldn’t make you depressed after watching.

How did the idea first come about?
We realized there wasn’t really anything like this for tattooing–something that was fun and less of a documentary format, hosted by two people who weren’t tattoo artists themselves. We wanted to ask questions that someone who wasn’t involved with tattooing could understand.

What can viewers expect from this first episode? Any highlights?
The first episode is a nice introduction to the format. The interview with Spider Sinclair is great; we knew each other before but for this interview, we went to a bar and had a long conversation about everything you can imagine. Talking with Emily Malice about the life of tattoos after death was also amazing, she managed to open up a whole world of possibilities I’d never considered before.

What was the biggest lesson you learnt during filming?
Probably that sometimes even the stupidest questions can get a good response!

Who would be your dream guest on a future episode?
There are so many artists in Seoul I’d love to talk to and meet, lots of amazing stuff happening there right now that definitely needs more recognition. As an actual dream guest though I’ll say Dennis Rodman.

Why do you think TTTV is important?
I think there is quite a lot of tension in the politics of tattooing right now, so we wanted to give people a chance to voice their opinions or explain themselves–for us all to reach a better understanding of the situation. Opinions can get quite heated in an online community and the true meaning behind the conversation may get lost. Hearing someone speak in their own words may help to erase that confusion.

TTTV Episode 1 is available to watch on IGTV (@tttism) and YouTube (TTTISM). More episodes of TTTV coming soon!