Bay Area Tattoo Convention 2019

Bay Area Tattoo Convention 2019

Bay Area Tattoo Convention

November 11, 2019

Words by Louie Jenkins, edited by Emma Clayton

Photography by Louie Jenkins

Frost City Tattoo (@frostcitytatau)

TTTISM is pleased to present a series of photos from the 2019 Bay Area Tattoo Convention, which took place October 18th - 20th. TTTISM is a proud sponsor of the 15th annual event, co-organized by Taki Kitamura and Roman Enriquez, which foregrounds the importance of community within the industry by bringing together a fantastic selection of tattooists from around the world.

Chuco (@chucomoreno95237)
Chuco (@chucomoreno95237)
Wan Tattooer (@wan_tattooer)

"So often today, tattoo conventions revolve around alternative entertainment and not what should be at the heart of any convention, the tattooing. At the Bay Area, you won’t find fire breathers, burlesque dancers, or rockabilly cover bands. You'll find some of the greatest artists from all over the globe, who come to the Bay Area to be a part of a tattoo microcosm. They gather for the weekend to meet their oldest friends and colleagues, to see old healed works from some of their first customers, to meet new and inspirational young artists, and some of tattooing’s oldest living legends alike. The sound of hundreds of tattoo machines buzzing all at once was a strong reminder that tattooing is ever-growing and won’t be fading out any time soon."
– Louie Jenkins, TTTISM Photographer

Wan Tattooer (@wan_tattooer)
Dollar Bill (@williamtattoo)

“A tremendous gathering, Taki puts on a great show, he’s a really genius guy. I never thought tattooing would get this good with the level of the people and the talent, the community and the camaraderie” – Ed Hardy

Andrea Furci (@andreafurci)
Beau Brady (@beauxbrady)
Maic (@maic)
Chuco (@chucomoreno95237)
Lio A-Town Tattoos (@liotattoos)
Andrew Stortz, Henry Lewis, Freddy Corbin, Deb Yarian
Dan Wysuph (@danwysuph) and Taki Kitamura (@stateofgracetaki)

You can find more about the convention on Instagram (@bayareatattooconvention) and online (