LadiesLadies! Art Show 2019

LadiesLadies! Art Show 2019

Press Release

October 24, 2019

Words by Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev, edited by Emma Clayton

This weekend in New York, The LadiesLadies! Art Show 2019 will take place on October 26th at Three Kings Tattoo in NYC.

This benefit fundraiser for Planned Parenthood is the sixth instalment of the ground-breaking LadiesLadies! Art Show, a female-only collective exhibit showcasing art from international female tattooers. All proceeds from the night will be donated to Planned Parenthood NYC.

The show is curated by tattoo artist, author of Ladies of tattooing, and photographer Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev (@elviaiannacconephotography), and Kate Archer (@inkmagnolia)– unapologetic artist and representative of the queer side of female tattooers.

In 2019, the LadiesLadies! Art Show is striving more than ever to represent the ever-evolving landscape of inclusivity in contemporary tattooing. Including artists challenging tattoo norms, and revolutionising the modern-day scene, LLAS ensures that LGBTQ+ and female artists, from all backgrounds, have a place at the forefront of these pioneering events. As succinctly stated by the organisers, “What was once a male-dominated industry has evolved thanks to female and LGBTQ artists, who are creating safe and creative spaces for people of all genders, identities, races and body types, to get tattooed.” “Together”, they exclaim, “we keep the tradition alive and kicking!”

Curator Iannaccone Gezlev recognises that The LadiesLadies! Art Show “is transforming into a social event, where women (and men!) of the tattoo community can gather together to support a cause,” says Iannaccone Gezlev. “We’re thrilled that all proceeds from the event this year will go to Planned Parenthood NYC. It’s important to take a stand and make our voices heard, while making art!”

Art by Claudia DeSabe
by Helen Brown
by Derryth Nenning
by Marina Inoue
by Kate Archer

The idea for the show originated between tattooers missElvia and Emma Griffiths in 2010, as has been growing in size and stature ever since. The exhibition quickly became a platform for sharing the work of female tattoo artists, in turn supporting newcomers to the tattoo world while paying respect to veterans of the trade and tradition. Each of the five previous events has been held across various locations, including tattoo studios and galleries. A new show calls for a new curator, and over the years guest curators have included artists and tattooists such as Emma Griffiths, missElvia, Magie Serpica, Pat Sinatra, and Martina Secondo Russo.

Throughout the years, a fantastic collection of some of the most prestigious and renowned names in tattooing have displayed work at these profound events, including Rose Hardy, Katie Gray, Vyvyn Lazonga, Holly Ellis, Kate Hellenbrandt, Debra Yarian, Virginia Elwood, Michelle Myles and many more. LLAS has also always welcomed the work of new tattooers and apprentices–truly striving to knit together in solidarity waves and generations of artists, building a powerful and supportive community along the way.

by Sunny Buick
by Nikki Welsh

The event starts at 8pm with an opening reception, leading in to a silent auction of 50 artists’ original artworks and prints. Contributors included tattooers such as Claudia DeSabe, Sunny Buick, Anka Lavriv, Zoe Bean, Linn Aasne, Lara Scotton, Lorena Morato, Drew Linden, Rosie Evans, Kati Vaughn, Marina Inoue, Jen Carmean, Tara Zep, Baylen Levore, Karrie Arthurs, Kate Collins, Amy Shapiro, Dawn Cooke, Julia Campione, Joey Ramona, and many more. The silent auction will be open for bids until 10pm, and more art will be available via social media and the website the following day. You’ll be able to see works from the event on display at Three Kings Tattoo until November 24th.

by Linn Aasne
by Tina Lugo
by Karrie Arthurs
by Jen Carmean
by Julia Campione
by Anna Waychoff
by Luci Bart

The LadiesLadies Art Show takes place on October 26th 2019 at Three Kings Tattoo NYC, 343 E 10th St. New York, New York 10009

You can find more information and previews about the show on the website (LadiesLadies! Art Show) or follow them on Instagram (@ladiesladiesartshow)