Gotch (@gotch_tattoo)

Gotch (@gotch_tattoo)


October 10, 2019

Words by Gotch, edited by Emma Clayton

Gotch is a tattoo artist born in Kyoto city. He grew up in the projects in Rousing, located south of Kyoto. Currently, he works in his own relaxed and private studio Harizanmai, previously having worked in Osaka and Paris over his 20 year career in tattooing. From a young age he was inspired by seeing lots of traditional tattoos and first learnt to tattoo bonji–Japanese sanskrit characters. To this day, Gotch is almost completely self-taught.

In Kyoto, Gotch has encountered many shrines and temples that are over a thousand years old. Heavily influenced by these, he set out to adopt designs and motifs from them into his own designs, eventually resulting in his Jiniya Tribal style. Gotch finds each and every form of media important in some way. He believes that tattooing is a personal thing that should be kept personal.

You can find more of Gotch’s work on Instagram (@gotch_tattoo)