Arnaud Ele X Another Beautiful Day

Arnaud Ele X Another Beautiful Day


August 8, 2019

Words by Arnaud Ele, edited by Emma Clayton

Photography by Arnaud Ele

Photographer Arnaud Ele presents his series of photos about a couple, and in particular Cat¬¬¬–a man who made his body the territory of positive thoughts. Two years ago, Cat decided to start tattooing strong and positive messages onto his body, including “Freedom”, “Look within”, and “Mind games”. Cat comes from Australia and he finds that, particularly in his home country, people feel he is part of gang culture–based on the fact he has face tattoos. Ele urges, however, that people go further and begin to read the tattoos, in order to discover that the words and sentences are special. Cat says that he tattooed positive things on his face as reminders for both himself and everybody else, as well as to send positive messages to those that see him, so that they might connect with him just by looking at him.

There has been times in my life where I felt that I could do more, I wanted to do more, but couldn’t–because my mind was programmed to live a certain way. Once I realized that my mind and my soul, the life inside of me, are not connect, I realized I can forget about the mind and instead go along with what is inside of me. Then, things started to change.

If you forget about fear, you don’t think about what could happen, you just do it–you step out of your comfort zone–that is when you realize that there is so much more out there that is possible.


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Models: Cat and Elena
Another Beautiful Day
You can see more of Cat and Elena’s work on Instagram (@another_beautfiul_day_official)