Archive: Gakkin (@gakkinx) for TTTism Issue 3

Archive: Gakkin (@gakkinx) for TTTism Issue 3


July 9, 2019

Words by Devin Wangert

Gakkin’s organic linework and dense, emulsive shading creates internationally acclaimed tattoos for collectors who travel to his current studio in Amsterdam from all over the world. It is suiting that Gakkin generally draws his inspiration “from nature—clouds, water, mountains, forests, wind, rain.” If it comes from these origins, the imagery informed by such inspiration is no less diverse: while working at a walk-in shop, Gakkin developed competency in many different styles—“color works, realism, Japanese, tribal, and so on.” This balanced training aided him in developing a style that is truly his own: “Now, I can not only do black work but other styles of work as well. Don’t miss how my style of tattooing will progress in the future!”

Gakkin was born in Wakayama, Japan, in 1976. He grew up in this small but populous city, “surrounded by mountains and ocean.” As a boy, his first encounters with the craft amounted to watching Japanese movies produced in the ‘60s and ‘70s, which contained images of irezumi bodysuits…

Find our full interview with Gakkin (@gakkinx) in TTTism Issue 3, available for purchase online and at retailers worldwide.