Archive: Liz Harris (@ratteface) for TTTism Issue 2

Archive: Liz Harris (@ratteface) for TTTism Issue 2


July 2, 2019

Photography by The London Vagabond (

I’m not too sure what actually made me want to get a tattoo. The first one I got when I was 18; I didn’t get another one for another two years. So it wasn’t an immediate attraction. I think the biggest impact on me was watching old videos of interviews from the late ‘80s and ‘90s and looking at books and magazines. I’ve also always been interested in history, fashion, and subcultures. I watch a lot of early film, too.

The longer I’m in the tattoo community, the more friends I make and the more I want to get tattooed by my friends. It becomes less about the aesthetics and more about a memory. Because I’ve had no money to spend on tattoos, I’ve started doing them on myself whenever I’m in a bad mood or even when I’m in a good mood.

[My tattooists and I] end up being really good mates. From there, I’d meet more mates. Getting tattooed became more like a hangout—something nice to do with your friends, something that you’ve got in common with other people.

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