Archive: Vincent Van De Waal for TTTism Issue 2

Archive: Vincent Van De Waal for TTTism Issue 2


June 25, 2019

Photography by Ollie Adegboye (@misterollie)

Looking up images and text is always in the back of my head. Since I was getting tattooed I had even more reason to give that all a place, literally.
Most of the time I have more or less what I want and I find an artist who’s, in my opinion, the best for the job. But I’ve gotten flash sheet stuff as well.
I don’t need a very good reason for all my tattoos. Since it’s so personal the most important thing to me is if I understand my choices/emotions.

I’m a sucker for images, addicted. From a young age, I really liked the ‘I make my own decisions’ attitude that tattoos have. Heavily tattooed people especially had something fearless in that sense, something I enjoy. I see beauty in not walking in line. My uncle’s arm is my first tattoo memory, a classic anchor.

I grow in life, so my tattoo collection grows with me. A bit slower than before, but I think I will never completely stop getting tattooed. It feels a bit like my private history.

Find our full interview with Vincent Van De Waal shot by Ollie Adegboye (@misterollie) in TTTism Issue 2, available for purchase online and at retailers worldwide.