Archive: Gerhard Wiesbeck (@gerhardwiesbeck) for TTTism Issue 2

Archive: Gerhard Wiesbeck (@gerhardwiesbeck) for TTTism Issue 2


June 4, 2019

At the time, there were not many options to learn [tattooing] professionally, so I learned [it] by myself and took all the information I could from the tattooers I knew and from getting tattooed. A really important factor, one that helped me a lot and motivated me to continue and progress, was to share the process of learning with my dearest friend, Patrick Hüttlinger, who also specializes in Blackwork/Dotwork. We started tattooing at the same time and became really close friends.

I was always interested in the tribal tattooing and also got my first tattoo in that style. The way from traditional tribal tattooing to the modern version I do now was a process over time and came also with new technical devices like computers. I would describe my style as a modern and urban tribal tattooing. Calling that style ‘Blackwork’ refers to its really visible and clear contrasts, even from far away—the visual effect of traditional tribe tattooing, translated into modern times and variations. I am influenced by many things surrounding me, objects, architecture, nature, cultural influences from other countries, computer graphics, technical drawings, German culture such as Art Deco and Bauhaus.

Tattooing is a long marathon and not a fast run. It has phases of ups and downs and it has always been like that.

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