Introducing: Toothtaker

Introducing: Toothtaker


February 15, 2018

Words by Toothtaker

My name is Toothtaker, you can call me Toothy or Toothtaker.

I’ve been doing this tattoo shit over 17 years, and long before then have been involved in the scene. I got my first tattoo when I was barely a teenager, at 13. I owned and operated a street-style tattoo shop for 11 years. Recently, I sold the building and closed the business to work on the road for the remainder of my life.

I’m honored to be able to contribute a column on TTTism and want to thank the creative director, Maxime Buchi, as well as everyone in the team. This group has shown immense respect and dedication to tattooing and I have experienced their character first hand, so I look forward to working alongside them all. With this outlet, I intend to produce responsible commentary based on empirical examination and give objective analysis. I do not intend to define policy or set limits—I only want to clear the air where misconceptions suffocate our progress.

Toothtaker's upcoming columns include:

· Money and the value of a tattoo: etiquette, expectations and rationalization

· Analyzing exploitation in tattooing: reviewing facts and contradictions

· Relationship of command: who dictates the industry’s terms, client or tattooer?

· Hegelian dialectic: restricted entry and the purpose of tradition, versus the chaos of liberty and infinite resources

In addition to his forthcoming columns, find more of Toothtaker's work on Instagram, @toothtaker.

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